Versatility, reliability & your job made easier.

DMF light fixtures are designed to provide efficient and long-lasting illumination for virtually all of your downlighting needs, both commercially and residentially.

We understand a contractor’s time is extremely valuable, so we have designed our products with quality and reliability at the forefront, providing solutions that will satisfy your clients’ needs while ensuring long-term performance without necessitating callbacks.

Installing a light fixture should not be complex or time-consuming; at DMF, we work to create solutions for you so that installation is hassle-free.

Labor is generally the most expensive component of any light fixture installation. With that in mind, when designing new products, we survey the market to identify your primary installation challenges and incorporate versatile solutions into our designs. Ultimately, we strive to shave minutes off your installation times, getting you off the job faster and on to your next project!


We understand the importance of efficient logistics and maintaining inventory levels to meet demand.

Product delays can hold up jobs, which ultimately cost you, our contractor partners, money. We stock substantial inventory in our Carson, California factory, which, combined with the modular nature of our solutions, allows us to ship most of our products in days, not weeks. We have also made an investment for our East Coast partners by maintaining inventory in a Pennsylvania warehouse outside of Philadelphia to ensure you get crucial items like housings when you need them the most.

featured products

H Series

3″ and 4″ Residential Lighting

DRD + M Series 

4″ Downlights

DRD5S Series

Surface Mount

X Series 

2″ Downlights

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